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Are You a Thinker?

CALLING ALL amateur and professional scientists, researchers, students, teachers, hobbyists, those interested in the world around them. What started as a unique programming idea has grown into global science radio station. And thanks to an FCC permit for a low-power FM radio station to cover all of Newark, Delaware, Radio Newark is now a community-powered, internationally savvy source for great, engaging content of all flavors.

Science Radio Station

Dozens of broadcast partners from around the world provide a magical fusion of entertainment, information, and inspiration to us as we learn of the latest in astronomy, chemistry, engineering, astronautics, oceanography, meteorology, and virtually everything else. Our hosts are brilliant, engaging, knowledgeable and personable.

Antenna Raising!

We are raising the FM station antenna on the STAR Campus — thank you University of Delaware!  You can join this project.  Our GoFundMe campaign to wire-up the pole, antenna and transmitter will run through January 15.  Please sign up.  We will be sending updates weekly.  Join now!


Go ahead… tune in. If you like what you hear, support us as we grow to better serve our listeners. The good stuff is coming to you by way of our little oasis, Radio Newark. Stephen Worden, Station Manager