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Radio Newark is a Science Radio Station.  Dozens of broadcast partners provide a magical combination of entertainment, information, and inspiration to us as we learn of the latest developments in astronomy, chemistry, engineering, astronautics, oceanography, meteorology, and so on.  Not dry stuff!  Our hosts are brilliant, engaging, knowledgeable and personable.

Science!  Space news.  Undersea exploration.  Nanoengineering.  Archaeology.  Microelectronics.  Astrobiology.  Do you find these interesting?

Me too.  So I built a radio station that focuses on STUFF THAT MATTERS.

And you started listening.  Others offered excellent suggestions for content.  Two geniuses offered to join as Board members and we became a non-profit, non-commercial educational broadcast service.  Woohoo!

Because things like the Mars Science Laboratory are MORE IMPORTANT than who won the baseball game.

Radio Newark is operated by Newark Community Radio, Inc., a non-profit corporation chartered to provide non-commercial, educational broadcast services to radio stations of all sorts.  NCRI is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.


steveCertified Radio Nut.  Traveled around the world as a Master Radio-Electronics Officer in the U. S. Merchant Marine listening to radio for six to twelve hours a day.  Learned what good radio sounds like.  Got my amateur and commercial broadcast licenses in 1971 and 1974, respectively.  Had a small market AM station as a client where I ran the logs, scheduled the ads, helped with production, made the coffee, and watched the magic happen.

That station is gone, now, and so are all the people that made it great.  Clear Channel bought them out.

Today, I’m the Chief Technology Officer of a transportation company.  I built this station as an experiment.  It’s grown and thrived — I think because people have lots of question and God has all the answers.

This is New Radio.

It’s different from Old Radio in that it is wild and free.  I’m not interested in reaching the masses.  I want the top end and no more.  I want the brightest, smartest, most fascinating people to be ON the station and listening as well.

Because it’s LISTEN Radio, Not Talk Radio®

Contact information for Stephen Worden, Station Manager and member of the board:

  • Email info@radionewark.org
  • Phone (302) 709-1620
  • USPS mail to 1318 Bent Lane, Newark, DE  19711  USA