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Deutsche Welle, the external radio service of Germany

Deutsche Welle is the external radio service of Federal Republic of Germany, similar to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Radio France Internationale, and the Voice of America.  Naturally, the programming is Euro-centric, and that’s why we have it here at Radio Newark.  DW covers stories you just won’t hear on the US networks’ “Nightly News Tonight.”

Frankly, it is an honor to be affiliated with Deutsche Welle.  RN has access to their hourly new feed and the ‘actualities’ (individual recorded story segments) for a longer news program as well as DW’s soccer-oriented sports program.  THANK YOU, Deutsche Welle!

Deutsche Welle Radio News has already made it into our weekly rotation.  On the weekends, DW news replaces the VOA segment near the bottom of the hour (thirty minutes after the hour).  In the near future, we may alternate between DW and VOA on weekdays.

News from DW Radio is heard regularly on Radio Newark

Thanks again, DW, for permitting Radio Newark to affiliate with your fine organization.