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Listen Live

Listen Live

Are you using a Windows PC?  Here’s your link for Windows Media Player —

Windows Users, click here.


Macintosh users and many mobile devices can use this link —

Mobile users, Mac users, click here.


Do you have a smartphone?  You can hear us on both iPhones and Android devices.  Radio Newark is listed in the rad.io app as well as the TuneIn and Shoutcast apps.  There are others.  I use rad.io, personally.  Check the iTunes Store or Android Market for a free download.


I’ve used TuneIn and Shoutcast, too.  TuneIn lets you rewind the streaming station and repeat a section.  I find that feature quite handy.  I like the way the rad.io app displays MP3 tag data, though, so I use it more than the others.