Science aboard the International Space Station

A Science Radio Station?

SCIENCE ATTEMPTS to understand the world around us.  A Science Radio Station helps understanding by providing knowledge … from diverse sources covering myriad interests.

Radio Newark is a science radio station.

Dozens of broadcast partners from around the world fuse entertainment, information, and inspiration. We learn the latest in astronomy, chemistry, engineering, astronautics, oceanography, meteorology, and virtually everything else. Our hosts are brilliant, engaging, knowledgeable, personable.

It’s SCIENCE, but not the boring kind!™

WIZU FM 99.9 in Newark, Delaware

Local Newark, Delaware listeners can hear our Science Radio station on FM 99.9. The entire city is covered. Our call sign is WIZU — WISE YOU.

Go ahead… tune in. If you like what you hear, support our mission. The good stuff is coming to you by way of our little oasis, Radio Newark.

Stephen Worden, Founder and General Manager

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