A Mind for Science: How Radio Newark Supports STEM and STEAM Education

STEM education (sometimes broadened to STEAM with an A for Arts) is a way to combine many related disciplines — currently viewed by students and society as independent subjects with little overlap — into a single, integrated program that emphasizes the interdependences among the four disciplines and their applications to everyday life.  Radio Newark’s programming offers support and ideas for how to draw connections across disciplines.  The programming embodies STEAM education for everyone.  Story telling is an art, and Radio Newark’s “A Mind for Science” stories aspire to entertain and educate at the same time.

As a nation, we need well-educated citizens in STEM fields.  Currently, the “T” and “E” in STEM are rarely taught in K–12 settings.  Because of this, few people understand the way in which these fields benefit our society or the variety of careers that support them.  By exposing our listeners to STEM topics and the people engaged with them, Radio Newark can help to deepen everyone’s understanding of the world in which we live.

Radio Newark offers short, STEM-focused stories intended to spark the interest of general audiences.  We will partner with local schools to expose students to science communication and to provide examples of the many fields of study and possible careers that exist under the umbrella of STEM education.  Families can listen together and talk about the topics that interest them.  Our website will carry occasional blog posts that accompany some of our “A Mind for Science” stories with pictures, behind-the-scenes details, and additional resources about the topic.

–Rebecca Stewart

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