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Radio Newark is a Science Radio Station.  Dozens of broadcast partners provide a magical combination of entertainment, information, and inspiration.  We learn the latest developments in astronomy, chemistry, engineering, astronautics, oceanography, meteorology, and so on.  Not dry stuff!  Our hosts are brilliant, engaging, knowledgeable and personable.

Science!  Space news.  Undersea exploration.  Nanoengineering.  Archaeology.  Microelectronics.  Astrobiology.  Do you find these interesting?

Me too.  So we built a radio station that focuses on STUFF THAT MATTERS.

And you started listening.  Others offered excellent suggestions for content.  Two geniuses offered to join as Board members and we became a non-profit, non-commercial educational broadcast service.  Woohoo!

Because things like the Mars Science Laboratory are MORE IMPORTANT than what the Kardashians are wearing.

Radio Newark is operated by Newark Community Radio, Inc., a non-profit corporation chartered to provide non-commercial, educational broadcast services.  NCRI is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

About Stephen Worden

Certified Radio Nut.  Traveled around the world as a Master Radio-Electronics Officer in the U. S. Merchant Marine listening to radio for six to twelve hours a day.  Learned what good radio sounds like.  Got his amateur and commercial broadcast licenses in 1971 and 1974, respectively.  Had a small market AM station as a client where he ran the logs, scheduled the ads, helped with production, made the coffee, and watched the magic happen.

That station is gone, now, and so are all the people that made it great.  Clear Channel bought them out.

To balance that loss, he created a new kind of station, a Science Radio Station.

It’s different from Old Radio in that it is wild and free.  No scripts, no advertisers, no need to reach the masses.  We want the fringe.  We want the top end and no more.  We want the brightest, smartest, most fascinating people to be ON the station and listening as well.

Because it’s LISTEN Radio, Not Talk Radio®

Contact information for Stephen Worden, General Manager and member of the board:

  • Email
  • Phone (302) 709-1620
  • USPS mail to 1318 Barksdale Rd, Newark, DE  19711  USA

5 comments on “About Us”

  1. WOW! Talk about timing.

    I had grown tired of our kids getting their butts kicked when it came up to the international sccience and math test results. We were not even close. So rather than complain about the problem I decided to try and do something about it so I did start a company called KidzNScience LLC. We would provide kids hands on science experiments so they could learn that science can be a fun and interesting thing. They would then be better able to understand science and become smarter to help improve their competitive results.

    I was not aware of Radio Newark until just a few days ago. I think it is a great thing and since its science based I love it.

    Now I want to know more if or how I can try and help radio newark try help people. I have so many more questions that are just the tip of the ice berg. Can I possibly meet with you and your team sometime to see how I may be able to improve the results using Radio Newark?

    Thank you again for doing your part to try and help science education.


    Mike Williams

    1. Thank you, Mike! Yep — I’m sure we’ll find a way to work together. Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for championing SCIENCE!

      Steve Worden

  2. I “Saw that Radio Van” next to me on Elkton Rd today and said, lm going to find this channel finally. Well, lo/behold your guest/taped interview, starts talking about familiar details and dates to times of my life and a segment that then had my attention when he was slipping in ironclad and Monitor!! I had to of course listen to see who he was- Dave of NOAA and had all the details of my father’s lifes work on audio display for our neighbors to hear!!! I went from physically exhausted to clapping my hands and saying YESSS! My father, along with 3 other researchers were the discoverers of the wreck and it was his hope since childhood to find this wreck- he was Dr. Robert E. Sheridan- formerly of UD, then Rutgers at the time of all this NOAA interaction upon discovery, Naval recovery and conservation. His last week alive last fall was relieving to him having verification the latest artifacts and personal archives he had sent were being handled at the Maritime facility in Newport News. This was done by text on my phone from my brother visiting the site that day with a tour of the archive rooms! The one thing that many wont know is that our family is related to both the JD Rockefeller clan to the Rev War– they became the donors of Yellowstone and Teton land for our new Dept of Interior that was monitored in its inception by General Sheridan, of Civil War acclaim- all cousins in our branches above and outspread- but my father’s inspiration and influencers that helped create lm sure the MARITIME Marine Sanctuaries during the recovery excursions of his beloved, historic Ironclad.

    Mary and Dad remembering his work with the USS Monitor

    I thank you, and that mystery Dave of NOAA, and the interviewer for the thrilling review of the passage of time of my fathers life and love — and mine as l was fully reactive to the first 30 secs of the narrative. How cool, a little neighborhood radio station made my afternoon come back to heart and home!!!! The picture above is really at the Kalmar Nyckel Center off the Christina eastside riverfront downtown. According to my Dad, lots of similar versions were built for the war and after right here in Wilmington from the many Steel Factories around this area of our County and PAs lower counties.

    Those days of all our lives are the treasures that just keep growing- not monetarily, but in good knowledge, hard work, and great people- as the “signs” showed me today.

    What a great way to meet!! I did see the pics from Sen. Sokola’s meeting passing you several acclimations with buddies Paul and Tom. Several of my favorite people in town too. Congratulations on that achievement last week.

    Mary Jennifer Sheridan Hall

  3. Thank you, dear Mary! A joy to receive your note on your Dad’s fantastic work with the USS monitor. What a great radio segment, too!

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