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I’ve used TuneIn and Shoutcast, too.  TuneIn let’s you rewind the streaming station and repeat a section.  I find that feature quite handy.  I like the way the app displays MP3 tag data, though, so I use it more than the others.

Science Radio for the World

Radio Newark is operated by Newark Community Radio, Inc. — a nonprofit, noncommercial educational radio service focusing on science, space exploration, the oceans, archaeology, travel, international news & humor.

It’s LISTEN Radio, not Talk Radio!

Our spoken word programming covers science news, technology news, space exploration, the oceans, archaeology, travel, international stories and features, positive thinking and living, good business, and fun with a bit of whimsy. International news every half-hour, with fascinating speakers and topics in between: TED Talks, health reports, science of all sorts and light comedy. Short, focused news and information from NASA, the Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Feature Story News, Vatican Radio News, Evan Slack Radio Network, Irrational Public Radio, Roy H. Williams and Wizard Academy, Robin Sharma Leadership International, Dr. Chris Smith from the University of Cambridge, University of Texas, Finger Lakes Productions International, NIH, CDC, and more — science and entertainment, 7 x 24.

Fascinating Visit to

If there ever was a generous man, it’s Mr. Lloyd Roach of

Met him at his office on Union Street in Kennett Square on Thursday the 19th.  We talked about Radio over the years.  Lloyd has the benefit of a deep, personal understanding of the history of commercial radio because of his long involvement in the business.  He’s studied radio history and he’s MADE radio history.

He now is the President of an Internet-only station that serves “the Main Line to the Brandywine.”  And I think he serves his market very well.  (Oh. By the way — so do his two hundred plus advertisers.)

The main studio is perfect.  A stand-up studio (“For the diaphram,” said Lloyd) equipped with…everything, really.  New Shure SM7A mics, beautifully built and integrated console, airchain processing from Omnia, brand-name automation…  First-class construction and solid gear throughout.  Their engineer should be proud.

And experienced Radio people.  Doug Stirling doing news and production.  Matt Defazio doing anything he wants, I suppose.  (Talk about ‘pipes!’)  And others, like a professional news staff that’s bigger than WILM’s.

The combination of production gear, programming knowledge, and professional talent make a model for those who strive for commercial success in Internet radio.

To Mr. Roach and the staff of — “Well done, people!  You have indeed set the standard.”

Listen to see for yourself.

Radio That’s Relevant to Newark, Delaware

I’m tired of what Radio in general has been doing, as the media conglomerates further consolidate their outlets, layoff local broadcasters, and satellite-feed us from LA or New York.

So I’m doing something about it.

Stay tuned…

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