Tornado, Lightning Strike, Server Crash.

Take your pick.

We’ve had them all, thanks to Hurricane Isaias that passed through Delaware a couple of weeks ago.

Lightning took out the transmitter, and a subsequent storm took out the streaming server.

It took me a week to get the server back online … and the transmitter is still down as we wait for additional lightning protection to arrive.

We’re installing a “cavity filter.” This is a mechanically resonant tube that acts as a spark gap. In fact, we’re getting TWO of them, because we don’t want to buy more transmitters.(!)

And we’re** working on a new equipment cabinet to hold the new transmitter and new cavity filter(s).

** Not actually “we.” More like “Ken Chisholm.” Ken is refurbishing / sanding / priming / repainting / mobilizing a genuine BUD COMPANY cabinet to hold all that new gear.

The work is beautiful. THANK YOU, Ken!

And thank you, too, for your patience. We’ll have WIZU (“wise you”) back on 99.9 FM very soon.

FM Station Lights Up

We did it!  Thank you for making this happen.  The FM station is now operational in Newark.  And the coverage is better than expected.

Major thanks to the University of Delaware for their kind assistance on so many levels.  The Facilities people, IT support, and University executives all had a hand in getting this station on the air  ūüôā

If you’re in the greater Newark area, tune to 99.9 and check it out.  Signal reports are appreciated — you can email with the details.

Now — Let’s go build a great community radio station.

“Experimental” Podcast Joins Omnibus / Radio Newark


“Experimental” Joins Omnibus / Radio Newark

Experimental Popular Science Podcast popsciCreated in 2011, the Experimental Podcast was conceived out of the Banff Science Communications program as a way for career science communicators to continue creating interesting content while practicing their writing, editing and audio recording / editing skills. Each podcast is three to seven minutes in length and covers a popular science topic of interest. There have been numerous contributors to the podcast, but it is produced, directed and hosted by Scott Unger.

The material covered on Experimental ranges from natural science (as in “Flirty Monkeys Throw Stones at Males To Get Their Attention”) to stuff that’s just plain interesting.¬† (See “Human Yawning Makes Dogs Yawn Too!”)¬† What makes these segments notable is that they are STORIES.¬† There is a well-crafted beginning, middle, and end to what plays out, with great sound effects and bed music throughout each piece.

Executive Producer Scott Unger does a great job of keeping the production values very high.¬† The material is lively, of interest to many, and relies on a number of expert science communicators for content, so there are different views and different voices from week to week.¬† Altogether “good stuff” as you’ll soon see.

Experimental will be making its debut on Radio Newark / Omnibus in March, 2014.  Let me know what you think!


Status Change at the FCC — “Accepted For Filing”

Let’s build a RADIO STATION!

Accepted_For_Filing_smallTODAY the FCC changed our LPFM application status from Received to Accepted For Filing, which means after a 30-day public comment window, Newark Community Radio will have the blessing of the Federal government to build an FM radio station to cover Newark, Delaware!

Pass the PEANUTS, let’s LAUNCH this thing!

I’m going to need your help with everything from fund raising to antenna raising.¬† This is an amazing opportunity.¬† It’s time to grab on AND GO!

THANK YOU for taking this thing from a wild idea to a wild reality.¬† STAY TUNED — We’re just getting STARTED!

All the best from Newark,


Editor’s Pick at — AGAIN!

Redmond LOVES Radio Newark

We’ve all seen the fake video of the guy getting struck by lightning twice, but this is FOR REAL, for real. ¬†Radio Newark has been selected as the Editor’s Pick at Microsoft’s ¬†No kidding — check it out!

Science Radio Station Selected As Editors Pick At

I think it’s the creativity of geniuses like Dr. John Leinhard (The Engines of Our Ingenuity), Steven Cherry (IEEE Techwise Conversations), Dr. Seth Shostak and Molly Bently (SETI Institure / Big Picture Science, Roy H. Williams (Wizard Academy / Monday Morning Memo) and Dan Misener (Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids) that make Radio Newark so interesting, entertaining, and inspirational.

But it is active listeners — you, me, all of us — that make the station alive. ¬†You give the station breath by telling your friends, blogging about it, Liking us on Facebook, and adding our listings to Internet directories around the world.

Thank you for making this happen. ¬†We wouldn’t be where we are without you.




90-Second Naturalist

Thane Maynard is a zealot.  Bit of an overachiever.  We love him for that.

He’s written thirteen books on wildlife — the latest, Hope For Animals & Their World, was co-authored with Jane Goodall. DBE.¬† He’s the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo, wildlife subject matter expert featured on such programs as Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Late Night with Conan O’Brien…

And — of course — here on Radio Newark where his DAILY FEATURE the 90-Second Naturalist now airs!

Cincinnati Public Radio / WVXU / Thane Maynard have produced this engaging series for more than 25 years.¬† Consistency?¬† Expertise?¬† Innovation?¬† Yes, yes, YES!¬† I think you’ll love this segment.


What if Radio was a Journey of Discovery?

What if Radio had an exotic taste? Made you think. Took you places.

That’s precisely the kind of station we built here at Radio Newark.

You travel around the world each hour. You hear the stories of engineers, explorers, scientists, and researchers. You learn how others think, how we see the world, and how different (or the same) we all are.

In short segments, to fit your schedule. Intelligently produced, because you’re smart. And ever-changing in order to surprise and delight.

WELCOME to Radio Newark.

More SCIENCE Radio!

I made some programming changes last night — we’ve SuperSized our Science Radio offerings.¬† We’re running more science radio podcasts¬†like Big Picture Science from the¬†SETI Institute, Techwise Conversations from the IEEE, the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s delightful Distillations series¬†and other great programs from wonderful, brilliant, amazing Radio Newark partners.¬† We’re increasing the depth of our science podcasts as well as the range of science topics / subjects we cover.¬† Let me know what you think.


China Radio International Newscast!

CRI English News Coming to Radio Newark

Radio Newark, the Science Station, is thrilled to announce our affiliation with China Radio International.  You will be hearing the CRI English newscasts beginning this week.  Permission from the English Language Department came through just a few days ago. Thank you Peter Smith and Xu Yang for all your help!

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Over 40% of us (Radio Newark listeners) are from China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. ¬†I’ve long desired (and worked!) to get an Asian-originating newscast. I am so thankful that we secured a relationship with what is probably the most important voice in the region, China Radio International.

CRI joins our excellent lineup of unique, independent news sources — Catex News, Deutsche Welle, Feature Story News, Industrial Information Resources, Marc Cuniberti / Money Matters, New Tang Dynasty, Vatican Radio and the Voice of America.

Welcome, CRI, to Radio Newark!

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