It’s Official — Radio Newark Affiliates With the Voice Of America!

Radio Newark Affiliates With the Voice Of America!

friends_300It is an honor to have great friends.

In the case of Radio Newark, we have been greatly favored in this regard.  Our friends are luminaries, geniuses, broadcast professionals, fabulous media producers.

Most recently we have been favored by the Broadcasting Board of Governors — the ‘parent company’ of the Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, Radio Marti, and the Voice of America.

The Board of Directors of Newark Community Radio is astonished and very proud to announce that —

Radio Newark is the newest affiliate of the Voice of America!

Radio Newark is the ONLY domestic (US) affiliate of the Voice of America — but that will change soon, hopefully, as other stations with a strong International outreach make room in their schedules for VOA material.

Yes!  New material covering science, news, and international affairs will be coming our way.  In addition to the VOA News Now programs currently being heard, we will be adding Voice of America science, news, and international affairs segments within our normal ‘short attention span’ format.

(Format?  What format…?!  A friend once told me, “Your station is the only one that surprises me.  I never know what will be coming next!”)

Not just a milestone on the road to broadcast excellence (which it certainly is) this new relationship opens up an entirely new media organization.  The research, journalistic objectivity, character and professionalism of VOA producers and broadcasters are known world-wide, which is why their material can be found on thousands of overseas affiliates.  We are thrilled that this new library of material is available to us (you!) and will be working over the next couple of weeks to integrate more VOA programming into our rotation.

Woohoo, to say the least!

Now, to those of you outside of the US — thank you for making this happen.  You have told your friends, family members and co-workers about the station.  You’ve added entries for Radio Newark in your local search engines and Internet radio directories.  You’ve tweeted and blogged and Liked us and I am extremely grateful.  Truly, it is your international support that has made our VOA affiliation possible.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

To our friends at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, thank you for your assistance.  Thank you for your programming.  And thank you for representing the many dimensions of the United States of America so well.  It is an honor to be your first domestic affiliate.  We look forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship.

With gratitude,

Steve Worden for the Newark Community Radio Board of Directors


International News from Radio Vaticana (Vatican Radio)

Vatican Radio is the official voice of the Catholic Church, headed by Pope Francis.  And because Catholics are found in every country, Vatican Radio maintains a huge footprint.  Programming is produced by over two hundred journalists located in 61 different countries totaling more than 42,000 hours of simultaneous broadcasting covering international news, religious celebrations, in-depth programs, and music.


According to VR’s website, “The main task of Vatican Radio is to proclaim the Christian message freely, faithfully and efficiently and keeping the center of Catholicism in contact with the different countries of the world by:

– communicating the voice and the teachings of the Roman Pontiff;
– informing about the activities of the Holy See;
– giving information about the life and the activities of the Catholic Church in the world;
– helping the faithful to evaluate today’s problems in the light of the Teachings of the Church.”

Although Vatican Radio is a gigantic service, we carry only two newscasts per day, each of which are rebroadcast once.  There is a very human, caring touch to these newscasts which reflect the personality of the new Pope, who has been noted “for his humility, his concern for the poor, and his commitment to dialogue as a way to build bridges between people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and faiths.”  (Wikipedia)

It is an honor to be counted as an affiliate of Vatican Radio.  We are very grateful for this interesting perspective.  Listen with an open mind and see if you learn something new.

Industrial Info Resources Newscast

IIR_LogoIndustrial Info Resources (IIR) is a global research and analysis company that covers large-scale industrial construction projects — “gathering, confirming, disseminating and updating information about industrial plants around the world.”

The service covers electrical power generation and transmission, mines, metals, and minerals, oil and gas terminals, refineries and pipelines, onshore and offshore oil production, chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical and biotech processing, industrial manufacturing (durable / non-durable goods, transportation, warehousing and distribution), food and beverage processing, pulp, paper and wood processing, and alternative energy sources like biodiesel, ethanol, and solar power.

IIR maintains a treasury of constantly-updated databases.  The projects they research and monitor impact huge populations.  IIR provides intelligence to business serving these largest of industries.  Coverage is truly global, investigating projects and operations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Middle East, and Oceania.

In some way, these projects touch all of us — they are that big.  Who is winning the global automotive manufacturing war?  What country is leading in alternative energy production?  What investments are governments making in their infrastructure?  Industrial Info Resources performs more than 1,000 interviews per day, covers more than 10,000 projects, and reports on 7,000+ maintenance shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages per year.

Their daily (weekdays) newscasts are packed with information on these gigantic projects.  The IIR Newscast is a fabulous resource.  It is an honor and privilege to bring you such detailed, timely, IMPORTANT NEWS that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Radio Newark is very grateful for IIR’s affiliation and rebroadcast permission.  Thank you Mr. Lewis, Mr. Bergen, and Mr. Fox!  We wish you and IIR much continued success.


International News

Flag_GlobeWe broadcast a heavy schedule of International News here at Radio Newark.  We are affiliated, officially, with a number of the world’s great international news sources — Deutsche Welle, Vatican Radio, Radio France International, Feature Story News, Industrial Info Resources, and China Radio International (CRI).  We also carry Voice of America newscasts with their knowledge, but no formal affiliation.  Each of these A-List broadcasters provide vast resources for news gathering, field reporting, story editing, audio (and video) production, communication infrastructure and so on.

Furthermore, we are most fortunate to bring you Feature Story News, CATEX News from the Catastrophe Risk Exchange, World Business News from Industrial Info Resources, and financial news from Money Matters by Marc Cuniberti.  Brilliant insight from unique points-of-view.

We believe it borders on the miraculous that we are able to bring you such a fantastic variety of excellent International News broadcasts.

International News Broadcasts

CATEX_Logo_200Every disaster, from Bhopal to Fukushima, whether man-made or Acts of God, has a price tag.  And Mr. Frank Fortunato, co-founder and CEO of CATEX, The Catastrophe Risk Exchange, Inc., can tell you their exact cost.  This newscast covers natural and man-made disasters from the insurance / re-insurance industry’s point of view.  FASCINATING and truly insightful.  Thank you, CATEX!  Read More…>

CRI_LogoChina Radio International is the official voice of the People’s Republic of China.  Naturally, CRI programming reflects the national government’s stance on political issues like Taiwan and the Daioyu Islands.  The English Language Division of CRI has a large, dedicated news staff “which provides global audiences with news, reports, and feature programs with a distinctive Chinese flavor.”  Read More…>

Deutsche Welle International News on Radio NewarkThe external broadcasting organization for the Federal Republic of German is Deutsche Welle, “German Wave.”  We are very grateful to be DW affiliates, enabling you to receive their latest English-language newscasts, Digital Europe updates, and other features.  Read More…>

FSN-110x45Feature Story News is a commercial news service with news desks on every major continent.  I really like the way the editors, producers, and presenters manage the limited time available for the broadcast (just five minutes for news that covers the globe…!).  And, of course, and I love the accents.  FSN is an independent entity, so their newscast is focused on what the listener wants.  Read More…>

IIR_Logo_smallIndustrial Info Resources (IIR) is a global research and analysis business that covers large-scale industrial construction projects — “gathering, confirming, disseminating and updating information about industrial plants around the world.”  The service covers electrical power generation and transmission, mines, metals, and minerals, oil and gas terminals, and so on.  This unique broadcast provides updates on thousands of projects with worldwide impact.  Read More…>

Radio France International

radio-vatican-logo2Vatican Radio is the broadcasting station of the Holy See, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and is based in the Vatican City State.  It is one of the principal modes of communication and evangelization serving the Pope’s ministry.  We have two daily news summaries from RV, seven days per week.  The newscasts include information on the Pope’s activities, thoughts, teachings, and prayers.  Read More…>

International News from the Voice of AmericaThe Voice of America (VOA) is the external voice of the United States government.  The VOA charter requires that the VOA “serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of news. VOA news will be accurate, objective, and comprehensive.”  At the same time, part of the VOA’s mission is to promote freedom and democracy.  Read More…>



90-Second Naturalist

Thane Maynard is a zealot.  Bit of an overachiever.  We love him for that.

He’s written thirteen books on wildlife — the latest, Hope For Animals & Their World, was co-authored with Jane Goodall. DBE.  He’s the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo, wildlife subject matter expert featured on such programs as Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Late Night with Conan O’Brien…

And — of course — here on Radio Newark where his DAILY FEATURE the 90-Second Naturalist now airs!

Cincinnati Public Radio / WVXU / Thane Maynard have produced this engaging series for more than 25 years.  Consistency?  Expertise?  Innovation?  Yes, yes, YES!  I think you’ll love this segment.

Science Radio Programs


Naturally, we carry a LOT of Science Radio programming.  Quite an interesting mix, but I admit I am biased 🙂

90 Second Naturalist Thane Maynard Cincinnati Zoo

90-Second Naturalist.  A weekday feature, this segment is hosted by the brilliant, engaging Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Biological Gardens.  Thane’s enthusiasm and passion speak to me beyond words, connecting my innate love of nature to the world around me through compelling stories that entertain, inform, and inspire hope.  It’s genius.  Read More…>

ATA_200Big Picture Science is a weekly show, but the wonderful people at the SETI Institute gave us permission to air the individual segments.  You’ll hear Big Picture Science a couple of times a day, typically.  The SETI Institute is one of earth’s treasures.  A scientific research organization whose mission is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.”  The Big Picture Science radio show takes it even further.  Read More…>

osc_tricolorEach Redshift Report from the Ontario Science Centre examines one of Life’s basic questions, like, “Is an electric car really a green machine?”  “What is the most dangerous part of space travel?” And, “What causes jet lag?”  These questions are posed to researchers at OSC who…do research and bring the answers in a lively dialog with host Ken Huxley.  The Ontario Science Centre has given us access to more than 120 Redshift Report segments.  Yay!  Read More…>

IEEE_Spectrum IEEE Techwise Conversations with Steven Cherry.  Although Mr Cherry has moved on to a new company, his work as host of about 90 Techwise Conversations remains up-to-date and important.  Mr Cherry — unlike most interviewers and hosts — prepared very well for each segment, reading books, attending webinars, participating in online discussions in order to make the most of his time with each guest.  And the guests are fascinating people.  The former head of R & D for General Motors, the inventor of the Universal Serial Bus (USB), the guy who designed the ChemCam on the Mars Curiosity rover.  This is a GREAT segment.  Thank you Steven Cherry and IEEE.

experimental_205The Banff Centre runs a Communication Workshop for two weeks each year for professional science communicators — writers, bloggers, researchers, podcasters.  “The Science Communications program is a two-week residency fostering excellence and creativity for science communicators in Canada and around the world. Participants return to their professional practices in science, media, research, or other realms transformed by ideas and confident to provide leadership in the advancement of science communications.”  Out of this group came the idea to create a weekly podcast, which is brilliant.  The Executive Producer is Scott Unger, and Experimental (the name of the show) is a delight.  Read More…>


What if Radio was a Journey of Discovery?

What if Radio had an exotic taste? Made you think. Took you places.

That’s precisely the kind of station we built here at Radio Newark.

You travel around the world each hour. You hear the stories of engineers, explorers, scientists, and researchers. You learn how others think, how we see the world, and how different (or the same) we all are.

In short segments, to fit your schedule. Intelligently produced, because you’re smart. And ever-changing in order to surprise and delight.

WELCOME to Radio Newark.

More SCIENCE Radio!

I made some programming changes last night — we’ve SuperSized our Science Radio offerings.  We’re running more science radio podcasts like Big Picture Science from the SETI Institute, Techwise Conversations from the IEEE, the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s delightful Distillations series and other great programs from wonderful, brilliant, amazing Radio Newark partners.  We’re increasing the depth of our science podcasts as well as the range of science topics / subjects we cover.  Let me know what you think.


China Radio International Newscast!

CRI English News Coming to Radio Newark

Radio Newark, the Science Station, is thrilled to announce our affiliation with China Radio International.  You will be hearing the CRI English newscasts beginning this week.  Permission from the English Language Department came through just a few days ago. Thank you Peter Smith and Xu Yang for all your help!

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Over 40% of us (Radio Newark listeners) are from China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.  I’ve long desired (and worked!) to get an Asian-originating newscast. I am so thankful that we secured a relationship with what is probably the most important voice in the region, China Radio International.

CRI joins our excellent lineup of unique, independent news sources — Catex News, Deutsche Welle, Feature Story News, Industrial Information Resources, Marc Cuniberti / Money Matters, New Tang Dynasty, Vatican Radio and the Voice of America.

Welcome, CRI, to Radio Newark!

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