Six Month Milestone

In the last SIX MONTHS Radio Newark has been heard in the Czech Republic, Phillipines, Belarus, Finland (listening on their Nokia phone, naturally), Germany (via the TuneIn Radio app, which we LOVE, by the way), Brazil, Japan, Canada, Manchester, England (not far from where my mother-in-law was born), Singapore, Croatia, Greece and the US, too — Pennsylvania, an AOL Radio listener from Virginia, a student on the wireless network at Northwestern University in Chicago, Dallas, Texas on their Droid…  Mostly from overseas — THANK YOU SO MUCH!

And content!  We’ve added Robin Sharma’s encouragements, Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids “open mic” program by Dan Misener, business insight from the Wizard Roy H. Williams, news from the Deutsche Welle, Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast, the superb episodes of Irrational Public Radio and about eleven TONS more from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Library of Congress, on and on…

Thank you, dear contributors, for making this station possible.

Thank you, dear listeners, for making this station successful.

Much blessing and prosperity to you all,


Steve Worden, General Manager

The Scenery is Always Changing

Sometimes I think of Radio Newark as “Short Attention Span Radio.”  I don’t have hours of time to sit and listen, just a few minutes here and there.  I need audio content in bite-sized chunks, not 40 minute blocks.  So most of our programming is short.  The longest piece is 22 minutes and the average length is probably about five or six minutes.  Long segments — over ten minutes — only happen once an hour.

And the program clock changes every hour.  Other than news at the top of the hour (exactly) and at the bottom as well (plus or minus ten minutes), you will find a complete mash-up of audio in between.  I don’t get bored that way.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this new kind of a rotation too.

Welcome to Radio Newark

Spoken Word programming for people who LISTEN

Newark Community Radio, Inc., searches the Internet for audio content that SETS YOUR BRAIN ON FIRE.  Our programming is oriented towards intelligent, thinking people who actually listen to what they are hearing.  We tilt towards the scientific, covering topics like space news, new developments in medicine, and interviews with scientists and researchers.  But we also offer more International news and features than you’ll find on a typical radio station.


Spoken Word Programming for the World

Clearly, we’ve overreached our initial concept of Local Radio.  Two reasons why — but first, here are the links to listen:

iPhone, Mac: Radio Newark MP3.

Windows user: Radio Newark WMA stream right here.

 ALERT!  We’re moving to RadioNewark.ORG!

I’m leaving this site operational, but just to maintain links and provide some continuity.  All of the new goodness is now found ON THE NEW WEBSITE HERE.  Thanks for listening!

 Two reasons why we’ve broadened our scope —

1. There is a LOT of great programming out there of interest to many people around the world.

2. We don’t have the time to train and manage a thundering horde of microphone-wielding wannabe junior reporters.

In our continuing quest for the best in spoken word programming, we have signed additional affiliation agreements or obtained rebroadcasting permission from the Deutsche Welle, Irrational Public Radio, EarthSky, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Catastrophe Exchange, and Industrial Info Resources.  Yay!

There’s more in the works!  We (the content hounds of Radio Newark) are on “a never-ending quest” for audio so stimulating it SETS YOUR BRAIN ON FIRE.

AND…we’ve built a REAL WEBSITE!  Illuminova Technical Services offered to buy us a ‘skin’ for our Thesis theme that we run on WordPress.  The skin is called New Chapter from a company called Templatica.  Let us know what you think.  We’re building out individual pages for our contributors and programs, as well as $6000 for EVERYONE! **

** I feel like I have to put some kind of a disclaimer, here, because some idiot will take “$6000 for EVERYONE” literally.  So you, dear listerner, can stop reading here.  The rest is for the idiot.

OK — now, Idiot, I want you to know that there’s no $6000 for you or anyone else.  It’s just our little way of surprising a part of your mind that needs a little tickle now and again.  I’m sorry to have troubled you.  Now go back to sleep.  End of disclaimer. **

What else would YOU like to hear on Radio Newark?  Let me know at info at radionewark dot com.  Thanks!


New Programming, New Rotation

Thanks to the kindness of people like Robin Sharma and Roy H. Williams we have some wonderful new programming coming. To accommodate, we’ve had to completely change our program taxonomy. We’re about halfway through that process. At the end, we will have an entirely new rotation, about 2500 more segments from around the world (and around the world of science), while continuing news at the top and bottom of the hour.

Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your input and guidance.

All the best from Delaware!

“I’ve switched!” and Program Schedule

Well, you are all very kind.  Probably too kind.  One friend wrote, “I used to listen to NPR exclusively.  I’ve switched to Radio Newark!”  Please keep your comments coming.  You can register and post a note here, call the station at (302) 709-1620, or email info (at)

We’ve made a few tweaks to the rotation — summarized in the table below.

All times are USA EASTERN.

0000 – 0500  Alternating programs between the full Naked Scientists broadcast and Some Assembly Required.

0500, 0700, 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900, 2100, 2300  FSN News, National Institute of Aeronautics, Scott Smith’s Daily Boost, National Institute of Health, Nature Watch, an international segment called Hands On Radio which covers work being done in ecology, solar engineering, national infrastructures, health, and more from locations around the world, the VOA news near the bottom of the hour, Don Swaim’s Book Beat (interviews with famous authors), the Naked Scientists News Flash (brilliant!), and Our Ocean World.  We end the hour with some meditative music.

0600, 0800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200  FSN News, Evan Slack Network (weather, farm and ranching news), Roy H. William’s Monday Morning Memo (genius, friendly, insightful, significant!), Centers for Disease Control (covers a huge range of topics), Our Ocean World, Fitness Boost from Scott Smith (thank you Scott), Book Beat, VOA news near the bottom of the hour, followed by a NASA or JPL segment, Nature Watch, and a short biography on a true hero from


Version 0.7.1 Now On-the-Air!

Well, I don’t know what “Version 0.7.1” means, but it’s something like this — the automation isn’t figured out entirely, there’s lots of audio editing to do…  We have content all over the place that needs to be converted from VBR to CBR, then normalized at a standard 89db level…  Lots of programming to sort out with regard to rotations, program and spot groups, advertising and other production work…it goes on.


Mobile users!  Macintosh users! Click here for Radio Newark MP3. Droid users will need the free Winamp player.  Here ya go, this is the link you need.

Windows users can find the Radio Newark WMA stream right here.

Thanks for listening.

Now — would you kindly give us some feedback? You can email us at, or call us at (302) 709-1620.

About the SOUND, we’d like to know: Is the audio clear?  Choppy?  Good quality?  Evenly balanced between segments?  And any other comments you might have, positive or negative.

About the CONTENT, we’d like to know: Were you entertained?  Interested?  Did you learn something?  What would you like to hear?  Be honest — we can handle it.

Thank you very much for your help.  If you like what we’re doing, tell a friend!

–Radio Newark

Launch Date!

Radio Newark goes live on April 1st, 2011! The two-hour show features an enormous variety of audio content.  We have secured affiliation and licensing agreements with dozens of great sources — the University of Cambridge, Finger Lakes Productions, the University of Texas, the Evan Slack Radio Network, the National Institute of Aerospace, the FSN Radio Network, IRN / USA Radio News and many others.  More than enough to launch but we continue to seek affiliation agreements with great content sources.

Local stuff too. This is a hosted broadcast, not a bunch of podcasts tossed onto a playlist.  If there’s something of interest going on in Newark, give us a call at 709-1620.  We’ll be asking you for more input after we launch.

THANK YOU very much. It has been quite a “process” getting even this far.  Fun, but now the real excitement begins!


Content Automation Utilities

RoboTask Wins!

One of the common needs for broadcasters is a method of gathering content — MP3 files, etc. — from various sources through FTP and HTTP at different times.  As I thought about what I really needed, I came up with this list:

  • File move, rename, delete
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Keystroke logger / macro builder
  • Multi-protocol downloads (HTTP, FTP, various credentials, etc.)
  • Task ordering (do this first, that second, etc.)
  • Run external tasks (call MP3gain after downloading a new MP3)
  • Task / event logging
  • Error handling (do something else if Plan A fails)

I reviewed the specifications and features on more than two dozen different automation tools, file downloaders, sync / backup utilities, and keystoke loggers / macro builders. Most were missing key required features. Also, any utility costing more than $200 was dropped from the list. Your budget may allow for several other possiblities such as RepliWeb or MOVEit — mine did not.

I installed and trialed VisualCron, Do It Again, Free Download Manager, Automise, AutoIT and RoboTask. I created five identical jobs in each utility [or attempted to, anyway].

VisualCron had fatal errors when creating macros on our quad-core Windows Server 2008 64-bit machine. It also has a very cumbersome method of creating new tasks but a lovely user interface.

Free Download Manager was great for downloading, but lacked other required features.

Do It Again is a great keystroke logger / macro builder but lacked other required features.

Automise lacked key features. FDM, Do It Again, and Automise all required external scripting, use of the Windows Task Scheduler or both.

AutoIT was too complicated. More than what we needed.

It is possible, as some here have suggested, to stitch together a home-grown content automation system for “free” using Do It Again, Free Download Manager, Windows command line scripts, and the Task Scheduler. What is your time worth? For me, the price of RoboTask was less than the amount of time it would take to roll my own system.

RoboTask seems to be the best-of-breed for us. It is a single utility with rich functionality, a simple task creator, very thorough logging, a multitude of triggers to launch tasks (for example, if a new file is dropped into a monitored folder I can trigger MP3gain to normalize automatically), and is less expensive that many other products in the genre.

This article is not a plant. We’re a startup Part 15 AM / Internet radio station on a budget. Sound familiar? Perhaps this info will help a fellow broadcaster.

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