Science Radio Promo Party

BUT NOT JUST ANY PARTY.  We’re a radio station, right?  So we’re going to have a Radio Imaging Party.

How the pros do jinglesRadio Imaging are the sounds — the shouts, promos, and IDs — that are in-between program elements.  Not the songs, news, or talk.  This is what goes around all that.  And we want your voice to help.

Yep.  You are going to be on the radio.

You’re going to be coached by a pro and join the other invitees in a series of shouts and IDs, like “Radio NEWARK”, “Ninety-Nine Point Nine”, “Science, but Not The Boring Kind,” and who knows how many other imaging pieces the Director will have us do.  We’re expanding our science radio station to FM in Newark, Delaware.

Your voice needs to be there!

The Kenny Family Foundation is already on-board, so “heavy hors d’oeurves” will be served, and State Line Liquors is sponsoring the adult beverages.  Yeehah.  [Edit: Whoops.  Just learned that our liquor license demands that the alcoholic beverages be purchased or donated from a licensed DELAWARE source.  Sorry, Robert.  We’ll figure it out — not to worry!]

This Is A Fundraiser.  Please buy a ticket, and please ATTEND!

When?  Where?  April 20th, 6:30-8pm at 6 Bent Lane in Newark.

This is probably going to become an annual event where we all get together and record the promos, shouts and IDs that become the imaging for the coming year.  How cool would it be to hear yourself on the radio from time to time?!

Buy a ticket HERE —

If you can’t make the party (bummer) but want to help, please make a donation towards the engineering or telecom shelter or the crane or our Science Radio programming.

Here’s the donation link.

Our Construction Permit from the FCC absolutely GOES AWAY on February 7, 2017.  We need to get this done, if Newark wants to have its own radio station.  Sign up TODAY.

News Journal Covers FCC Authorization

Radio Newark Brainy Web Station Gets FCC License

OUT OF THE BLUE I get a phone call on the Studio line from Aaron Rogers, “business reporter at the News Journal” in Wilmington, DE — a Gannett newspaperAnd he has 1,000 questions.

I thought Journalism was dead?  Apparently, Aaron hasn’t gotten that email.  He may have heard about us from Doug Rainey, the publisher of Delaware Business Daily, because Doug has been covering this story from BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED.(!)

I’m no expert on journalism and the media, but I can tell you that Aaron Nathans, Doug Rainey and Josh Shannon, too (more on Josh in the next post…), are true Journalists.  Professionals.  Competent, knowledgeable, skillful, ‘factful’ in their reporting, creative in their writing, and effective in their communication.

After all the bashing I’ve heard of newspaper reporting I’ve found these three fellows to be excellent at their work.  Yes, it’s nice that they called and wrote about what we’re doing (that includes YOU), but what I found most interesting was the workmanlike way in which they crafted their product.  They all three are very, very skilled.

Right — So what they did is write stories about us.

You should have seen Aaron’s story in print.  (I’ll put a scan of it online.)  My mother called at 7:30 in the morning.  “Stephen, the radio station made the paper!  It’s a GREAT article.”  What a plus!  I love the headline most, because it talks about who is listening.  “Radio Newark Brainy Web Station Gets FCC License.”

Nice to be called Brainy, isn’t it?

Here is Aaron’s story —

Thank you, Aaron, for your kind article, and thank YOU for making our little oasis possible.

Steve Worden

PS — I have to thank Robert Craig for a great visit to the station, too.  Bob did the photos you see in the News Journal article.  And because this is Delaware, after a few minutes of talking I learned that he went to Christiana High School with my brother and later worked with my father at W. L. Gore and Associates.  Really, it’s like that around here.



Construction Permit Received

FCC says DO IT!

Stunned, to say the least.

FCC Construction Permit

The Feds have issued us a Construction Permit!  We WILL BUILD an FM radio station that will cover all of Newark with Listen Radio, Not Talk Radio®!”

Now, creating something from NOTHING is an impossibility, I’m told, but I’ve watched you create a radio station from nothing but an idea.

(Ha! Take that, Physicists!)

YOU have tweeted and Liked and linked and shared and fundedEACH ACTION providing the impetus needed to move this project forward.

To this end: the Federal Communications Commission has granted a Construction Permit to build a real radio station.

Proof that dreams can become reality.

YOU are the reason why this happened.  You have been so encouraging.  Your gifts funded our engineering.  Your word-of-mouth, tweets, Likes, and shares amplifies everything we’re doing.  Thank you SO MUCH.

Our frequency will be 99.9 MHz, and the signal will be heard all over the city, down to Brookside, up to Pike Creek, and over to Elk Mills.  “Newark 99.9 WIZU” will be on the air THIS YEAR.

We’re going to need a Big Push soon — but I know you’re UP FOR IT!


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

You don’t see the Small Army that is behind this station, but you know your part.  Thank you for engaging.  Your gift is significant. Your contribution is important.  Your words are meaningful.

Every bit of effort sent our way lifts us another step.

I am grateful for you, and I want you to KNOW THAT.  I am grateful for your encouragement, notes, email, phone calls and financial support, too.  We would not be here if it weren’t for YOU.

Talk to you soon.  All the best from Delaware,
Stephen Worden, General Manager
For the Newark Community Radio Board of Directors

Big Picture Science Radio Show

What if there is extraterrestrial intelligence?

Turns out there’s a bunch of geniuses at the SETI Institute asking the same question.

The SETI Institute is made up of real scientists doing real science.  Using GIGANTIC RADIO TELESCOPE ARRAYS the way we use car keys.

“Work at the Center is divided into two areas: Research and Development, and Projects. R&D efforts include the development of new signal processing algorithms, new search technology, and new SETI search strategies that are then incorporated into specific observing projects. The algorithms and technology developed in the lab are first field-tested and then implemented during observing. The observing results are used to guide the development of new hardware, software, and observing facilities. The improved SETI observing projects in turn provide new ideas for research and development. This cycle leads to continuing progress and diversification in our ability to search for extraterrestrial signals.”

( THAT sounds like awesome fun to me.)

Science Radio Doesn’t Have to be Dull

As funding for the SETI Institute is primarily donations from individuals and grants from private foundations, they have gotten very good at marketing and promotion.  One of their best outreach efforts is their weekly radio show, Big Picture Science.

Big Picture Science takes on big questions by interviewing leading researchers and weaving together their stories of discovery in a clever and off-kilter narrative style.  Science radio doesn’t have to be dull.  The only dry thing about our program is the humor.”

Really, it’s even better than that.

Hosts Dr. Seth Shostak and Molly Bently have been making Great Radio for ten years.  They sound the way dance partners look, flowing smoothly, effortless, vigorously across synthetic biology and quantum computing.  Having fun all the while.

HERE’S THE REALLY GOOD NEWS — Big Picture Science is coming to Radio Newark!

Barbara Vance and Jazz Beitler at creative PR made it possible for Big Picture Science to fit the bite-size radio format you love.  (We call it “short attention span radio!”  Ha!)  They took on extra work in order to get one of the finest, most intelligent science radio shows delivered to your ears.  Thank you Barbara, and thank you Jazz!

Big Picture Science is a national hit.  Now it’s up to you to make it an INTERNATIONAL hit!

The Ontario Science Centre’s Redshift Report

The Ontario Science Centre is one of those places YOU’VE GOT TO SEE.

And take your kids, because they’ll love it, too.

The architecture is fabulous, the displays are INTERACTIVE, and the hydraulic organ — the world’s largest hydraulophone — is available for playing 24 hours a day.  This is a BIG museum.  There are several hundred exhibits touching on a wide range of sciences, from geology to astrobiology.

The museum is constantly being updated — a strong funding organization keeps the Centre in the Top Ten of the World’s Best Science Museums.

AND they produce a science podcast!  Called the Redshift Report, the museum answers your questions.  A large, animated, interesting group of “researcher-scientists” join host Ken Huxley in tackling all kinds of subjects.  Here’s a quick list of recent topics:

How many people can the Earth support?

What are some of the weird ways that animals communicate?

Is the Rock-Paper-Scissors game just blind luck?

What’s in store for the future of space exploration?

Through the kindness and dedication of the Centre’s Kevin Von Appen, the OSC has made more than 100 broadcasts available to you.  Each is a gem — full of insight, broadening your understanding of science, and with a side order of fun as well.

It is through kind action, benevolent work, that we are able to bring you such excellent programming.  Many people helped.  I bless them all and thank them for the contribution to Radio Newark and to you.

Thank you, Ontario Science Centre.  Go there and have some fun!

How to Listen to Radio Newark

Are you using a Windows PC?  Here’s your link —

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Macintosh users and many mobile devices can use this link —

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This player here will work on iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and so on —

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Do you have a smartphone?  You can hear us on both iPhones and Android devices.  Radio Newark is listed in the app as well as the TuneIn and Shoutcast apps.  There are others.  I use, personally.  Check the iTunes Store or Android Market for a free download.


I’ve used TuneIn and Shoutcast, too.  TuneIn let’s you rewind the streaming station and repeat a section.  I find that feature quite handy.  I like the way the app displays MP3 tag data, though, so I use it more than the others.

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