China Radio International Newscast!

CRI English News Coming to Radio Newark

Radio Newark, the Science Station, is thrilled to announce our affiliation with China Radio International.  You will be hearing the CRI English newscasts beginning this week.  Permission from the English Language Department came through just a few days ago. Thank you Peter Smith and Xu Yang for all your help!

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Over 40% of us (Radio Newark listeners) are from China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.  I’ve long desired (and worked!) to get an Asian-originating newscast. I am so thankful that we secured a relationship with what is probably the most important voice in the region, China Radio International.

CRI joins our excellent lineup of unique, independent news sources — Catex News, Deutsche Welle, Feature Story News, Industrial Information Resources, Marc Cuniberti / Money Matters, New Tang Dynasty, Vatican Radio and the Voice of America.

Welcome, CRI, to Radio Newark!

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