Construction Permit Received

FCC says DO IT!

Stunned, to say the least.

FCC Construction Permit

The Feds have issued us a Construction Permit!  We WILL BUILD an FM radio station that will cover all of Newark with Listen Radio, Not Talk Radio®!”

Now, creating something from NOTHING is an impossibility, I’m told, but I’ve watched you create a radio station from nothing but an idea.

(Ha! Take that, Physicists!)

YOU have tweeted and Liked and linked and shared and fundedEACH ACTION providing the impetus needed to move this project forward.

To this end: the Federal Communications Commission has granted a Construction Permit to build a real radio station.

Proof that dreams can become reality.

YOU are the reason why this happened.  You have been so encouraging.  Your gifts funded our engineering.  Your word-of-mouth, tweets, Likes, and shares amplifies everything we’re doing.  Thank you SO MUCH.

Our frequency will be 99.9 MHz, and the signal will be heard all over the city, down to Brookside, up to Pike Creek, and over to Elk Mills.  “Newark 99.9 WIZU” will be on the air THIS YEAR.

We’re going to need a Big Push soon — but I know you’re UP FOR IT!


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

You don’t see the Small Army that is behind this station, but you know your part.  Thank you for engaging.  Your gift is significant. Your contribution is important.  Your words are meaningful.

Every bit of effort sent our way lifts us another step.

I am grateful for you, and I want you to KNOW THAT.  I am grateful for your encouragement, notes, email, phone calls and financial support, too.  We would not be here if it weren’t for YOU.

Talk to you soon.  All the best from Delaware,
Stephen Worden, General Manager
For the Newark Community Radio Board of Directors

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