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    8 comments on “Contact”

    1. Hello Radio Newark,

      Wow! First day listening and I am impressed. You are now on my
      list of favorites, DRS4 (Switzerland), Radio 24 (Italy), Bloomberg
      (USA) and Radio Newark.
      Thank you.
      KB3IBP Peter Rogers, NewCastle, DE

    2. I enjoy your programming! I also want to strongly recommendation some constructive criticism. Please reduce the volume of your bumper music. I’m guessing you’re using a rudimentary dB meter restrictor. It is not sufficient. If needed. please re-record your bumper music as “music under” so as not to barrage listeners with inappropriately loud music — leaving the listener to have to turn down the music and turn up the talk. This can be done manually by ear if needed.
      Thank you very much for your help with this!

      1. Thank you, David. I’ve noticed the same thing, especially on the guitar music. (Which I love, but seems too loud, sometimes.)

        We don’t use any software or hardware compressors, David. We work with the original source files, then manually level them if needed, then we normalize them to a certain standard loudness level (89db in our case) using MP3gain.

        When I prepped the files from Jon Sayles, I thought they sounded a little light, so I brought up the gain about 10db. It was just too much. I still have the original files — you’re right, they need to be reprocessed and normalized at their original levels.

        Thanks for your comment, David. I think you’ve gotten me to move on this overdue project 🙂

        Hey — don’t forget to signup for the Radio Newark newsletter too.! Thanks again…

    3. Thanks for trying to help bring science related info to those who appreciate it. However there is a problem with the schedule link. Other people may not be able to see what’s coming up on the schedule.

      Thanks again and good luck on the progress towards the local FM station.

      I’m willing to do what you need to help make this happen. If you need an intern or volunteer keep me in mind.

      Mike Williams

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