Editor’s Pick at WindowsMedia.com — AGAIN!

Redmond LOVES Radio Newark

We’ve all seen the fake video of the guy getting struck by lightning twice, but this is FOR REAL, for real.  Radio Newark has been selected as the Editor’s Pick at Microsoft’s WindowsMedia.com.  No kidding — check it out!


Science Radio Station Selected As Editors Pick At WindowsMedia.com

I think it’s the creativity of geniuses like Dr. John Leinhard (The Engines of Our Ingenuity), Steven Cherry (IEEE Techwise Conversations), Dr. Seth Shostak and Molly Bently (SETI Institure / Big Picture Science, Roy H. Williams (Wizard Academy / Monday Morning Memo) and Dan Misener (Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids) that make Radio Newark so interesting, entertaining, and inspirational.

But it is active listeners — you, me, all of us — that make the station alive.  You give the station breath by telling your friends, blogging about it, Liking us on Facebook, and adding our listings to Internet directories around the world.

Thank you for making this happen.  We wouldn’t be where we are without you.




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