Friends from around the world

42.26% of Radio Newark’s listeners are from overseas, as of September 30, 2011.  Thirty-nine countries have recorded sessions (longer than one minutes, with an average Time Spent Listening of 24.6 minutes).

Czech Republic, Phillipines, Belarus, Finland (listening on their Nokia phone, naturally), Germany (via the TuneIn app, which we LOVE, by the way), Brazil, Japan, Canada, Manchester, England (not far from where my mother-in-law was born), Greece, Singapore, Sudan(!), Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Romania, Italy, Beijing, China, India, Mexico, Poland, Australia, Holland, Sweden, Arab Emirates, France, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and another dozen or so.

And the US, too — from Landenberg, PA, an AOL Radio listener from Virginia, a student on the wireless network at Northwestern University in Chicago, Dallas on their Droid, Chicago, Las Vegas, Rochester, NY, Sterling Heights, MI, our friends in Cupertino, CA, Winnfield, LA, Goodyear, AZ (I visited there a few years ago — beautiful resort), Seattle, WA, Germantown, MD, New York, NY (of course!), Kirksville, MO, Medford, OR, Ashland, KY, Albuquerque, NM, and many, many more places.

Most of our listeners are mobile.  An analysis of browsers show that about 60% of our session are to mobile users.  And for those of you who keep track of these kinds of things, Radio Newark streamed our 25,000th session this week.

Thanks a lot for listening.  I hope you like what you hear.


Steve Worden

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