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Feature Story News is trustworthy and great to listen to.

Through our partnerships, affiliations, and rebroadcast agreements Radio Newark offers a wide variety of news.  Each with a unique viewpoint.  The one I enjoy the most is FSN — Feature Story News.  And the one I trust the most is also FSN.  Here’s why —

The reporters (and hence the reports) are excellent.  They are first-hand reporters, witnessing and speaking directly about what they see.  Because they don’t represent a certain country, they don’t have an agenda to push or point-of-view to spin like the VOA, CRI or DW.  (Yes, I know that both DW and VOA have journalistic codes and charters to which they are beholden — that’s not the point.  I believe that both of those broadcasters are truthful and thorough.  The question is, though, “Which stories do they cover?”  It is in the selection of stories that editing quite naturally happens.  Someone makes the decision as to what news will be aired and what will be shelved.)  FSN takes a look at the news from their clients’ point-of-view, asking, “Which stories will my clients want their audiences to know about?”  In other words, FSN is serving the listeners, not their own agenda.  So I trust them more than I do the others.

Why do I enjoy them the most?  I love their style of delivery and the delivery itself.  I like the way each reporter contributes to the broadcast, I like the way the presenters moderate and manage the limited time available for the broadcast (just five minutes for news that covers the globe…!), and I love the accents.  FSN staffers are from all over the world and their English language accents are like choice spices on an already delicious roast.  Yummy!

Also, FSN revises and produces their newscasts around-the-clock so you’re constantly up-to-date on the biggest world stories.  (Except weekend.  Mr. Marks?!)

Nina-Maria Potts, Olly Barrett,  Anya Ardayeva, Kate Moody, and Daniel Ryntjes.  They’re a great crew — I’m tellin’ you!  Listen to what they bring, day-in and day-out, and you’ll be impressed too.

At least I think so.  Feel free to add your thoughts on FSN.

Thanks, FSN!  And thank you, too, Radio Newark listeners.

— Steve Worden

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