Fundraising (PRACTICALLY DONE!) Update

Fundraising ALMOST DONE!

WIZU-FM is absolutely HAPPENING.

“We want to be part of the station from the beginning,” said John Moore, GM of Bear-Glasgow Dental.  “I asked the doctors, ‘Do we want to help fund part of the antenna, or do we want to go all-in?’  Guys, here’s a check for $3000.  We are IN!”

It costs $12,785 to build a new STEM-oriented, independent FM radio station in Newark.  So we asked some business owners for financial support.

In three weeks, we’ve raised CASH and commitments for 87% of what we need.  It has been profoundly gratifying to meet with business owners and community leaders.  These folks understand what a new community radio station will do for Newark — so much so that they wrote checks to fund most of what is needed.

Putting this station together is truly a community effort. My Mom wrote a check.  The friends and volunteers of Radio Newark have written [big] checks.  Tim Boulden ofBoulden Brothers Plumbing and Heating joined us because “helping is the right thing for Newark.”  When Vance Funkmade his financial contribution he said, “I think this is a good idea.” And I know that you do too, because YOU have been part of this effort since the beginning.

Science Radio StationYour financial gift paid our engineering costs. (Remember!)  You made suggestions for programming.  You donated websites and logos, bought t-shirts and wrote checks to keep us going a year ago…two years ago…three years ago.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!

WE’VE ROUNDED THIRD and are heading for Home plate.  We have less than $2000 to raise to complete this funding round!  And I know that many of you want to put WIZU 99.9 FM ON THE AIR.  Here’s your chance.  Make your tax-deductible donation right now.

Oh YES — you CAN send a check to Radio Newark.  Our mailing address is 117 Bent Lane, Newark, DE  19711 USA.  But do it NOW.  Please don’t wait.  I need to get the required equipment in here to meet the FCC requirements.

Science Radio Station

It’s true — I’m writing to you because I want you to take out your credit card and make a donation.

And I’m writing to you SPECIFICALLY because I think you want

  • To know, when your head hits the pillow, that you’ve done a REALLY GOOD THING for a LOT OF PEOPLE
  • To be positively associated with a GREAT organization
  • To give Newark its own radio voice.
  • To promote science, technology, engineering, and math as great fields of study and employment.

It is easy to get started.  Just click here!

Get onboard now, so we can get onto Phase II of our expedition in radio.

Phase II?  Meet Giselle, our mobile recording studio

Remember that time when you and your friends were sitting around a table, talking and listening — enjoying each other’s company.  Picture any table at a restaurant.  Nowimagine that space inside this van and add microphones.  BINGO!

We’ve been introduced to some of the best businesses in Newark.  (If you’re a business seeking top-of-mind awareness, please get in contact now about our Foundation Underwriters package.  Once the station is built, this top-of-mind opportunity will be gone.)  They know that being part of a new, STEM-based LOCAL radio station is truly a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

We’re going to close this round very soon.  The businesses are interested, and you are too.  Everyone sees the value of being part of this amazing launch, the value of this new FM station.  Your financial gift is the fuel for LIFTOFF!  Please donate now.  (Thank you very much!)

Radio Newark volunteer Ken Chisholm wrote a check because he wanted “skin in the game.”  (His heart is already there.)  Vance Funk, Boulden Brothers, Bear-Glasgow Dental, Barry’s Events, Bancroft Construction,Lang Development Group, Will Webber Homes and YOU (and Mom — Hi, Mom!) have pledged and donated ALMOST ENOUGH to build this station.  Now let’s finish this off!

Thank you all for cheerleading, funding, encouraging, and contributing.  You are the most wonderful group of people I have ever known.  Thanks again, dear one.

Talk to you SOON.  All the best from Radio Newark,


Stephen Worden for the Newark Community Radio Board of Directors

PS — We’re going to need your stories.  If you want to learn How To Broadcast, let me know.  We have some information for you.

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