How To Broadcast Class

Thank you for your interest.  Here’s where you sign for our next How To Broadcast Class.

This introductory class covers the basics — storytelling for radio and simple recording techniques.  We will cover crafting your story, simple recording equipment, how to edit, and Radio Newark’s guidelines for content.

Where: Newark Natural Foods, Newark Shopping Center.

When: February 28, 7pm.

Please sign up BELOW and we’ll reserve a seat for you in our next class.  Cost is $34.

Sign up for the basic How To Broadcast class HERE.

Or use this link —

This class is 90 minutes of information.  You’ll walk away knowing you can totally do this, and a copy of our professionally edited and illustrated How To Broadcast Handbook to refer to.

Thank you very much for your interest and for your support of community radio.

Steve Worden / Newark Community Radio


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