Iconic How To Broadcast Handbook

RELEASED Onto An Unsuspecting World

An Incredible Work of Writing, Editing, ART and Production.  You should SEE this thing!  I am so happy to introduce the Radio Newark How To Broadcast Handbook.

How_To_Broadcast_CoverThe idea is to teach YOU how to tell stories to US.  We want to give Newark area residents the opportunity to write, record, and broadcast stories about your lives, experiences, businesses, charities, organizations, events, and activities.  And we want to develop the arts of broadcast journalism and storytelling.  So we created a tool to help you get that done!

Catherine Fischer (MA, Communications, U of D) took the twenty-five pages of rough draft and formed them into a flowing, cohesive narrative on — YOU GUESSED IT! — how to write and produce a radio story.  And she did it in sixteen pages!  Very insightful.

Erin Crow took her vibe and translated ideas into pictures.  But not ‘just pictures,’ these are iconic images.  They’re our BRAND, burned onto the page by her keen eye and dexterous hand.

And the layout, typography, and design were done by Creative Director George Murphy of Planet Ten — who absolutely deserves a giant star on the Generous Man Walk of Fame.

Take a LOOK for yourself!

The target audience for this book are those of you who want to get started in Radio but don’t know how.  The Handbook is self-contained, taking you from idea to equipment to completed audio with tips along the way for How To Get Started, How To Interview, How To Hold The Mic, How To Edit Your Stuff because this is a How To sort of book.

Thank you Catherine, Erin, George, and you, dear radio student — for whom this whole project was done.

Let the downloading BEGIN!  This volume is hereby RELEASED onto an unsuspecting, disengaged audience.  Let’s see what happens over the years.

UPDATE — A How To Broadcast class is forming in Newark.  Interested?  Sign up here —

Thank you for your interest and support!

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