Radio Newark Is A Science Radio Station

FCC Grants Construction Permit!

NewsThe FCC has granted Newark Community Radio Inc (the ‘parent company’ of Radio Newark) a Construction Permit to build a low-power FM radio station that will cover all of Newark, Delaware with a fine signal.  Over the next couple of months, a new grassroots broadcast organization will be built, a new Internet station will be launched, and a new FM radio station WILL BE BUILT.  Science programming, as described below, WILL CONTINUE UNABATED on our Internet channels.

Stay tuned for further developments.  THIS is an EXCITING TIME!  Full story here.

What Is A “Science Radio Station?”

Science (Latin root scientia) means ‘knowledge.’  Today, it might more mean ‘the pursuit of knowledge.’  Radio Newark helps in this pursuit by bringing curated content to YOU.  In a sparkly wrapper of audio goodness.

We took the idea of a cool educational station from concept to operational status, got our 501(c)(3) along the way, and SUPERSIZED our science coverage.  Our formatting is completely unique in today’s radio world, both on the Internet and broadcast radio, which consistently gets us high ratings in a world of thousands of stations.

Find us on the first page of the news-talk genre at (yes, ranked by popularity).  On the app, we’re the #2 News station behind the BBC World Service.  We broadcast educational radio that is suitable for kids and adults of all ages, not just grad students.

Our beat is science, space exploration, the oceans, archaeology, travel, international stories and features, positive thinking and living, good business, and fun with a bit of whimsy.  International news every half-hour, with fascinating speakers and topics in between.  Are you a thinker?

Science podcasts and news through science-radio-station Radio Newark

CALLING ALL Amateur and professional scientists, researchers, students, teachers, hobbyists, those interested in the world around them.  The good stuff is coming to you by way of our little oasis, Radio Newark.

Stephen Worden, Station Manager

Feedback to the station at (302) 709-1620, or email.

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