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Flag_GlobeWe broadcast a heavy schedule of International News here at Radio Newark.  We are affiliated, officially, with a number of the world’s great international news sources — Deutsche Welle, Vatican Radio, Radio France International, Feature Story News, Industrial Info Resources, and China Radio International (CRI).  We also carry Voice of America newscasts with their knowledge, but no formal affiliation.  Each of these A-List broadcasters provide vast resources for news gathering, field reporting, story editing, audio (and video) production, communication infrastructure and so on.

Furthermore, we are most fortunate to bring you Feature Story News, CATEX News from the Catastrophe Risk Exchange, World Business News from Industrial Info Resources, and financial news from Money Matters by Marc Cuniberti.  Brilliant insight from unique points-of-view.

We believe it borders on the miraculous that we are able to bring you such a fantastic variety of excellent International News broadcasts.

International News Broadcasts

CATEX_Logo_200Every disaster, from Bhopal to Fukushima, whether man-made or Acts of God, has a price tag.  And Mr. Frank Fortunato, co-founder and CEO of CATEX, The Catastrophe Risk Exchange, Inc., can tell you their exact cost.  This newscast covers natural and man-made disasters from the insurance / re-insurance industry’s point of view.  FASCINATING and truly insightful.  Thank you, CATEX!  Read More…>

CRI_LogoChina Radio International is the official voice of the People’s Republic of China.  Naturally, CRI programming reflects the national government’s stance on political issues like Taiwan and the Daioyu Islands.  The English Language Division of CRI has a large, dedicated news staff “which provides global audiences with news, reports, and feature programs with a distinctive Chinese flavor.”  Read More…>

Deutsche Welle International News on Radio NewarkThe external broadcasting organization for the Federal Republic of German is Deutsche Welle, “German Wave.”  We are very grateful to be DW affiliates, enabling you to receive their latest English-language newscasts, Digital Europe updates, and other features.  Read More…>

FSN-110x45Feature Story News is a commercial news service with news desks on every major continent.  I really like the way the editors, producers, and presenters manage the limited time available for the broadcast (just five minutes for news that covers the globe…!).  And, of course, and I love the accents.  FSN is an independent entity, so their newscast is focused on what the listener wants.  Read More…>

IIR_Logo_smallIndustrial Info Resources (IIR) is a global research and analysis business that covers large-scale industrial construction projects — “gathering, confirming, disseminating and updating information about industrial plants around the world.”  The service covers electrical power generation and transmission, mines, metals, and minerals, oil and gas terminals, and so on.  This unique broadcast provides updates on thousands of projects with worldwide impact.  Read More…>

Radio France International

radio-vatican-logo2Vatican Radio is the broadcasting station of the Holy See, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and is based in the Vatican City State.  It is one of the principal modes of communication and evangelization serving the Pope’s ministry.  We have two daily news summaries from RV, seven days per week.  The newscasts include information on the Pope’s activities, thoughts, teachings, and prayers.  Read More…>

International News from the Voice of AmericaThe Voice of America (VOA) is the external voice of the United States government.  The VOA charter requires that the VOA “serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of news. VOA news will be accurate, objective, and comprehensive.”  At the same time, part of the VOA’s mission is to promote freedom and democracy.  Read More…>



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