Launch Date!

Radio Newark goes live on April 1st, 2011! The two-hour show features an enormous variety of audio content.  We have secured affiliation and licensing agreements with dozens of great sources — the University of Cambridge, Finger Lakes Productions, the University of Texas, the Evan Slack Radio Network, the National Institute of Aerospace, the FSN Radio Network, IRN / USA Radio News and many others.  More than enough to launch but we continue to seek affiliation agreements with great content sources.

Local stuff too. This is a hosted broadcast, not a bunch of podcasts tossed onto a playlist.  If there’s something of interest going on in Newark, give us a call at 709-1620.  We’ll be asking you for more input after we launch.

THANK YOU very much. It has been quite a “process” getting even this far.  Fun, but now the real excitement begins!


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