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FM 99.9 Antenna Is UP!

Pole | Mast | Antenna | Grounding | Cabling

Huge milestone.   Our pole, mast, antenna, lightning protection, and coaxial feedline is completely installed.  In six hours, 18 months of work bloomed on cue.

Kathrein-Scala FMV-4Thank you for making this happen!  If you’re new to the team, please join me in thanking our donors, supporters, encouragers, helpful folks at the City of Newark, kind neighbors, the great installation crew, and everyone who was praying!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Next up — learn How To Broadcast.  We need to work on our storytelling skills and audio production.  (More on this in a second.)

Listen!  Trumpet blast for Mike and Michelle Reynolds, Ted Kelly, and the great crew of Danny, Cory, and Eric from Blue Hen Utility Services!  When Mike and Michelle understood what we are doing, they jumped in with all four feet — and an auger truck, a bucket truck, telephone pole, and a fun, safe, experienced, efficient utility crew including Joanne, the able office manager.  I am certain you earned a place in Radio Heaven for the work you did yesterday!

And thank you Newark Post!  Editor Josh Shannon took the time to join us for the job.  Josh caught the whole scene as each task was checked-off the list.  As did our great friend and supporter John Moore, President / GM of Bear-Glasgow Dental.  John loves this project; yesterday he demonstrated that by volunteering (on the spot) to meet an urgent need.  Showed the spirit that is behind this community radio effort.

How To Broadcast

Storytelling is what we do.  Newark is home to 30,000+ stories every day.  Let’s find those stories…record them…edit and prep them…and send them out over our new community radio station.

What’s your story?  What business, activity, event, charity, organization or hobby should we know about?

How?  Learn how to broadcast!  Quite simple and inexpensive.  Our first How To Broadcast class is tentatively scheduled for November 3rd at the Newark Senior Center.  You can signup for class here.  Your $34 investment covers our room rent, publishing costs (you will receive a professionally edited and illustrated copy of the Radio Newark How To Broadcast Handbook), processing fees, SNACKS and instructor fees.

You have created a new radio station for Newark.  Now let’s get ready to use it!  There are twenty-five seats in this class.  Is one of them yours?  RESERVE IT NOW.Special thanks for Mayor Polly Seirer, Tim Boulden, former Mayor Vance Funk, Greg Sawka at Bancroft Homes, Barry Schlecker (Brandwine Festival of the Arts, etc.), Bob O’Brien, John Moore and the doctors of Bear-Glasgow Dental, Doug Rainey atDelaware Business Daily, Will Webber of Will Webber Homes, and Ken Chisholm.  You guys have helped so much.

And so have you.  Your kindness, encouragement, financial gifts, and word-of-mouth have already made this little project a success.  I congratulate and thank you. Together we have done a very good thing for Newark.


Stephen Worden for the Newark Community Radio Board of Directors

PS — What is your idea?  We have room for your stories — restaurant reviews, calendar of events, business activities.  If you have an idea for a recurring show or segment, contact us soon.  (NOW!)  Thanks.  Steve@RadioNewark.org.  Let’s drive this bus!
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