LPFM Application Is FILED

FM Radio Station for Newark, Delaware

Newark, Delaware — In what seemed to be an impossibly convoluted mess, what with the government shutdown and a second-adjacent channel problem¹ that WOULD NOT GO AWAY we found a way to wedge our station into a perfectly sized window of opportunity.

¹ Radio stations must protect other radio stations on nearby frequencies.  Being in the crowded East Coast media market, this was a very challenging problem to solve.

And when I say “we” I mean an angel in the form of Doug Vernier of V-Soft Communications.

In layman’s terms, Doug is The Bomb.  He literally wrote the software that the broadcast industry uses to solve overcrowded frequency problems like ours.

Doug personally performed the engineering needed, provided charts and tables and diagrams and a summary page of notes sure to bring tears to the eyes of the FCC reviewer.  (It certainly brought tears to mine.)
There were some REAL SURPRISES along the way (trust me), but in the end, we got ‘er done.  The engineering is perfect and our application status is “FILED.”  It’s in the hands of the FCC now.

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