News Journal Covers FCC Authorization

Radio Newark Brainy Web Station Gets FCC License

OUT OF THE BLUE I get a phone call on the Studio line from Aaron Rogers, “business reporter at the News Journal” in Wilmington, DE — a Gannett newspaperAnd he has 1,000 questions.

I thought Journalism was dead?  Apparently, Aaron hasn’t gotten that email.  He may have heard about us from Doug Rainey, the publisher of Delaware Business Daily, because Doug has been covering this story from BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED.(!)

I’m no expert on journalism and the media, but I can tell you that Aaron Nathans, Doug Rainey and Josh Shannon, too (more on Josh in the next post…), are true Journalists.  Professionals.  Competent, knowledgeable, skillful, ‘factful’ in their reporting, creative in their writing, and effective in their communication.

After all the bashing I’ve heard of newspaper reporting I’ve found these three fellows to be excellent at their work.  Yes, it’s nice that they called and wrote about what we’re doing (that includes YOU), but what I found most interesting was the workmanlike way in which they crafted their product.  They all three are very, very skilled.

Right — So what they did is write stories about us.

You should have seen Aaron’s story in print.  (I’ll put a scan of it online.)  My mother called at 7:30 in the morning.  “Stephen, the radio station made the paper!  It’s a GREAT article.”  What a plus!  I love the headline most, because it talks about who is listening.  “Radio Newark Brainy Web Station Gets FCC License.”

Nice to be called Brainy, isn’t it?

Here is Aaron’s story —

Thank you, Aaron, for your kind article, and thank YOU for making our little oasis possible.

Steve Worden

PS — I have to thank Robert Craig for a great visit to the station, too.  Bob did the photos you see in the News Journal article.  And because this is Delaware, after a few minutes of talking I learned that he went to Christiana High School with my brother and later worked with my father at W. L. Gore and Associates.  Really, it’s like that around here.



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