RADIO is more than music!

To me, Radio is more than music.  Radio is arts and entertainment, news and information, stories that expand my understanding, word pictures that describe places I’ve never been.  It’s not just music, nice as that is.

Radio Newark is a project designed to deliver the ideal mix of audio content to individuals around the world.   As a concept, it’s WAY over the top.  But that’s the goal anyway.  Are you with me?  Because I need your help.  Can’t do this by myself.

Here’s the vision:

I am interested in uplifting, mentally stimulating, scientific-, historical-, and internationally-oriented spoken work programming.

What is an InfoBloc?  InfoBlox are our way of delivering knowledge, entertainment, spirituality, and fun.  They are short (say, three to seven minutes long), well-produced segments of the spoken word in English.  Perhaps a talk from, a story from Fox Sports, a podcast from the Jet Propulsion Labratory, an challenge to be better from Robin Sharma, an insight from Roy H. Williams.  There is a vast amount of content out there.  Radio Newark wants to find this content, catalog it, and bring it to an appreciative audience.  We (meaning us, you and me) may even generate some of our own content at some point.

So there it is.  Over the top, impossible to reach, can’t be done.  By me, anyway.  So I’m giving this idea to you, and asking for your help to make it happen.  Because I know that WE can make it happen.

Steve Worden

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