It’s Official — Radio Newark Affiliates With the Voice Of America!

Radio Newark Affiliates With the Voice Of America!

friends_300It is an honor to have great friends.

In the case of Radio Newark, we have been greatly favored in this regard.  Our friends are luminaries, geniuses, broadcast professionals, fabulous media producers.

Most recently we have been favored by the Broadcasting Board of Governors — the ‘parent company’ of the Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, Radio Marti, and the Voice of America.

The Board of Directors of Newark Community Radio is astonished and very proud to announce that —

Radio Newark is the newest affiliate of the Voice of America!

Radio Newark is the ONLY domestic (US) affiliate of the Voice of America — but that will change soon, hopefully, as other stations with a strong International outreach make room in their schedules for VOA material.

Yes!  New material covering science, news, and international affairs will be coming our way.  In addition to the VOA News Now programs currently being heard, we will be adding Voice of America science, news, and international affairs segments within our normal ‘short attention span’ format.

(Format?  What format…?!  A friend once told me, “Your station is the only one that surprises me.  I never know what will be coming next!”)

Not just a milestone on the road to broadcast excellence (which it certainly is) this new relationship opens up an entirely new media organization.  The research, journalistic objectivity, character and professionalism of VOA producers and broadcasters are known world-wide, which is why their material can be found on thousands of overseas affiliates.  We are thrilled that this new library of material is available to us (you!) and will be working over the next couple of weeks to integrate more VOA programming into our rotation.

Woohoo, to say the least!

Now, to those of you outside of the US — thank you for making this happen.  You have told your friends, family members and co-workers about the station.  You’ve added entries for Radio Newark in your local search engines and Internet radio directories.  You’ve tweeted and blogged and Liked us and I am extremely grateful.  Truly, it is your international support that has made our VOA affiliation possible.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

To our friends at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, thank you for your assistance.  Thank you for your programming.  And thank you for representing the many dimensions of the United States of America so well.  It is an honor to be your first domestic affiliate.  We look forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship.

With gratitude,

Steve Worden for the Newark Community Radio Board of Directors


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