Radio Newark Is Becoming Omnibus

Branding Problem SOLVED

Once upon a time, there was NO HOPE for getting a radio station license for Newark, Delaware, so we went online with “Radio Newark.”  Who knew, back in 2010, that the FCC would open a Filing Window for the Low-Power FM Radio service?  (In November, 2013.)

Three bright minds looked at the entire FM dial in 2009, looking for ANY POSSIBLE WAY to jam an LPFM radio station into Newark, Delaware.  But with the co-channel, first-adjacent, second-adjacent, and THIRD-ADJACENT rules the way they were, IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE.  It literally took an Act of Congress to get the rules changed over at the FCC.  Several Acts, in fact, and it took several years for all the new rules to be implemented.

In the meantime, Radio Newark built up quite a little following.

The station — the Internet station you hear today — changed a lot over the years.  We saw right away that many of our listeners were coming from overseas.  That forced us to rethink our programming, and we scrapped dayparts because we were broadcasting to listeners in forty time zones around the world simultaneously.  Our weather reports went from being local, to national, then we dropped them altogether to concentrate on programming of interest to ALL.

But the new FM station needs to concentrate of the listeners of Newark.

And we think its name should reflect Newark, too.

So over the next few months, our current science-focused Internet radio station is going to become “Omnibus.”  The programming will NOT be changed, other than to continue our pattern of adding fascinating new content sources as soon as we have agreements signed.  The focus on science, education, and self-development will never change, as that is one of our unique features.  Omnibus will replace Radio Newark as the name, but everything else will remain just about the same.

This has been a consideration of ours for quite a while.  In fact, I even registered an “Omnibus Radio” domain for a few years but we never changed over.

Now we are.

We do this so that in a year or so, we’ll be back online with a localized version of Radio Newark that is much more of a reflection of my hometown.  This will coincide with the launch of our FM staion WIZU 99.9 MHz right here in Newark, Delaware.

I’m fuzzy on the timing of all of this, but that’s OK.  It’ll all work out.

Thank you for riding with us through this transitional time.

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