Science Radio Promo Party

BUT NOT JUST ANY PARTY.  We’re a radio station, right?  So we’re going to have a Radio Imaging Party.

How the pros do jinglesRadio Imaging are the sounds — the shouts, promos, and IDs — that are in-between program elements.  Not the songs, news, or talk.  This is what goes around all that.  And we want your voice to help.

Yep.  You are going to be on the radio.

You’re going to be coached by a pro and join the other invitees in a series of shouts and IDs, like “Radio NEWARK”, “Ninety-Nine Point Nine”, “Science, but Not The Boring Kind,” and who knows how many other imaging pieces the Director will have us do.  We’re expanding our science radio station to FM in Newark, Delaware.

Your voice needs to be there!

The Kenny Family Foundation is already on-board, so “heavy hors d’oeurves” will be served, and State Line Liquors is sponsoring the adult beverages.  Yeehah.  [Edit: Whoops.  Just learned that our liquor license demands that the alcoholic beverages be purchased or donated from a licensed DELAWARE source.  Sorry, Robert.  We’ll figure it out — not to worry!]

This Is A Fundraiser.  Please buy a ticket, and please ATTEND!

When?  Where?  April 20th, 6:30-8pm at 6 Bent Lane in Newark.

This is probably going to become an annual event where we all get together and record the promos, shouts and IDs that become the imaging for the coming year.  How cool would it be to hear yourself on the radio from time to time?!

Buy a ticket HERE —

If you can’t make the party (bummer) but want to help, please make a donation towards the engineering or telecom shelter or the crane or our Science Radio programming.

Here’s the donation link.

Our Construction Permit from the FCC absolutely GOES AWAY on February 7, 2017.  We need to get this done, if Newark wants to have its own radio station.  Sign up TODAY.

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