Spoken Word Programming for the World

Clearly, we’ve overreached our initial concept of Local Radio.  Two reasons why — but first, here are the links to listen:

iPhone, Mac: Radio Newark MP3.

Windows user: Radio Newark WMA stream right here.

 ALERT!  We’re moving to RadioNewark.ORG!

I’m leaving this site operational, but just to maintain links and provide some continuity.  All of the new goodness is now found ON THE NEW WEBSITE HERE.  Thanks for listening!

 Two reasons why we’ve broadened our scope —

1. There is a LOT of great programming out there of interest to many people around the world.

2. We don’t have the time to train and manage a thundering horde of microphone-wielding wannabe junior reporters.

In our continuing quest for the best in spoken word programming, we have signed additional affiliation agreements or obtained rebroadcasting permission from the Deutsche Welle, Irrational Public Radio, EarthSky, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Catastrophe Exchange, and Industrial Info Resources.  Yay!

There’s more in the works!  We (the content hounds of Radio Newark) are on “a never-ending quest” for audio so stimulating it SETS YOUR BRAIN ON FIRE.

AND…we’ve built a REAL WEBSITE!  Illuminova Technical Services offered to buy us a ‘skin’ for our Thesis theme that we run on WordPress.  The skin is called New Chapter from a company called Templatica.  Let us know what you think.  We’re building out individual pages for our contributors and programs, as well as $6000 for EVERYONE! **

** I feel like I have to put some kind of a disclaimer, here, because some idiot will take “$6000 for EVERYONE” literally.  So you, dear listerner, can stop reading here.  The rest is for the idiot.

OK — now, Idiot, I want you to know that there’s no $6000 for you or anyone else.  It’s just our little way of surprising a part of your mind that needs a little tickle now and again.  I’m sorry to have troubled you.  Now go back to sleep.  End of disclaimer. **

What else would YOU like to hear on Radio Newark?  Let me know at info at radionewark dot com.  Thanks!


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