Industrial Info Resources Newscast

IIR_LogoIndustrial Info Resources (IIR) is a global research and analysis company that covers large-scale industrial construction projects — “gathering, confirming, disseminating and updating information about industrial plants around the world.”

The service covers electrical power generation and transmission, mines, metals, and minerals, oil and gas terminals, refineries and pipelines, onshore and offshore oil production, chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical and biotech processing, industrial manufacturing (durable / non-durable goods, transportation, warehousing and distribution), food and beverage processing, pulp, paper and wood processing, and alternative energy sources like biodiesel, ethanol, and solar power.

IIR maintains a treasury of constantly-updated databases.  The projects they research and monitor impact huge populations.  IIR provides intelligence to business serving these largest of industries.  Coverage is truly global, investigating projects and operations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Middle East, and Oceania.

In some way, these projects touch all of us — they are that big.  Who is winning the global automotive manufacturing war?  What country is leading in alternative energy production?  What investments are governments making in their infrastructure?  Industrial Info Resources performs more than 1,000 interviews per day, covers more than 10,000 projects, and reports on 7,000+ maintenance shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages per year.

Their daily (weekdays) newscasts are packed with information on these gigantic projects.  The IIR Newscast is a fabulous resource.  It is an honor and privilege to bring you such detailed, timely, IMPORTANT NEWS that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Radio Newark is very grateful for IIR’s affiliation and rebroadcast permission.  Thank you Mr. Lewis, Mr. Bergen, and Mr. Fox!  We wish you and IIR much continued success.


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