90-Second Naturalist

Thane Maynard is a zealot.  Bit of an overachiever.  We love him for that.

He’s written thirteen books on wildlife — the latest, Hope For Animals & Their World, was co-authored with Jane Goodall. DBE.  He’s the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo, wildlife subject matter expert featured on such programs as Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Late Night with Conan O’Brien…

And — of course — here on Radio Newark where his DAILY FEATURE the 90-Second Naturalist now airs!

Cincinnati Public Radio / WVXU / Thane Maynard have produced this engaging series for more than 25 years.  Consistency?  Expertise?  Innovation?  Yes, yes, YES!  I think you’ll love this segment.

Science Radio Programs


Naturally, we carry a LOT of Science Radio programming.  Quite an interesting mix, but I admit I am biased 🙂

90 Second Naturalist Thane Maynard Cincinnati Zoo

90-Second Naturalist.  A weekday feature, this segment is hosted by the brilliant, engaging Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Biological Gardens.  Thane’s enthusiasm and passion speak to me beyond words, connecting my innate love of nature to the world around me through compelling stories that entertain, inform, and inspire hope.  It’s genius.  Read More…>

ATA_200Big Picture Science is a weekly show, but the wonderful people at the SETI Institute gave us permission to air the individual segments.  You’ll hear Big Picture Science a couple of times a day, typically.  The SETI Institute is one of earth’s treasures.  A scientific research organization whose mission is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.”  The Big Picture Science radio show takes it even further.  Read More…>

osc_tricolorEach Redshift Report from the Ontario Science Centre examines one of Life’s basic questions, like, “Is an electric car really a green machine?”  “What is the most dangerous part of space travel?” And, “What causes jet lag?”  These questions are posed to researchers at OSC who…do research and bring the answers in a lively dialog with host Ken Huxley.  The Ontario Science Centre has given us access to more than 120 Redshift Report segments.  Yay!  Read More…>

IEEE_Spectrum IEEE Techwise Conversations with Steven Cherry.  Although Mr Cherry has moved on to a new company, his work as host of about 90 Techwise Conversations remains up-to-date and important.  Mr Cherry — unlike most interviewers and hosts — prepared very well for each segment, reading books, attending webinars, participating in online discussions in order to make the most of his time with each guest.  And the guests are fascinating people.  The former head of R & D for General Motors, the inventor of the Universal Serial Bus (USB), the guy who designed the ChemCam on the Mars Curiosity rover.  This is a GREAT segment.  Thank you Steven Cherry and IEEE.

experimental_205The Banff Centre runs a Communication Workshop for two weeks each year for professional science communicators — writers, bloggers, researchers, podcasters.  “The Science Communications program is a two-week residency fostering excellence and creativity for science communicators in Canada and around the world. Participants return to their professional practices in science, media, research, or other realms transformed by ideas and confident to provide leadership in the advancement of science communications.”  Out of this group came the idea to create a weekly podcast, which is brilliant.  The Executive Producer is Scott Unger, and Experimental (the name of the show) is a delight.  Read More…>

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