Tech Forum of Delaware Idea Challenge 2015

Q1. How do you entice young professionals to live, work, and play in Wilmington, Delaware?

Q2. How do you entice business to move to or start up in Wilmington?

A. Put 49 people on seven teams and give them three hours, no spending limits, and excellent hors d’oeurves.

TFOD_Idea_Challenge_2015That’s the recipe for the Tech Forum of Delaware‘s annual Idea Challenge — with those two questions being the issues to address for 2015.

The Idea Challenge is “easily the biggest event of the year for us,” said Tech Forum board member George Rotsch.  “The thought was that teams can come up with ideas that were going to be one step further, one step bigger, and maybe one step grander” when techies and creative types work together.

Radio Newark was present to record the event — which turned out to be the easy part, once we got to work editing the hours of audio files.  It’s a big story to tell in ten minutes.  Let us know what you think.

Idea Challenge Story   The Idea Challenge Story

Here are the individual presentations.

Wilmington University   Wilmington University

Corporate America / CSC   Corporate America / CSC

Fibertech / Digital Eye   Fibertech — Digital Eye

Start It Up Delaware   Start It Up Delaware   (Winner!)

Great Dames   Great Dames

Cyberwolves   Cyberwolves

Four Smart Guys and Ken   Four Smart Guys and Ken

Here are some links to news coverage of the event.  Take a look at these:

Delaware Business Daily (with photo gallery) Delaware

Delaware Business Times

Congratulations to all the teams.

Thank you, Tech Forum, for the opportunity to help.  We’re already looking forward to next year!

Steve Worden / Radio Newark

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