Ten New Shows!

PLUS — Radio Newark is the Microsoft Editor’s Pick, AGAIN!

Do you like Science? Me too. That’s why Radio Newark was built.

And why we’re still building!  We are constantly looking for new science radio shows and podcasts.

In the next month we will add TEN NEW SCIENCE RADIO PROGRAMS. Some of these are the biggies you asked for, like Big Picture Science and Pulse of the Planet. Others are the obscure but brilliant science podcasts you expect from Radio Newark. Here’s the full list:

ALERT! For the THIRD TIME THIS YEAR, Radio Newark is Microsoft’s News-Talk EDITOR’S PICK!

Honest to God, I am going to have to some up with a new PUNCTUATION MARK — something like a BOMB, maybe — to put at the end of sentences like that. Somebody in Redmond LOVES US.

And — HEY YOU — You are the one that did it!


And there’s more! This is our new website — the one we’ve been wringing our hands over.  It’s finally up! Well, mostly up. There are still some holes to be filled but I’ll get to them. In the meantime, have a look at the site and TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. Go check it out! (I mean that too. Good or bad — I can take it. What can be better?)

ALERT! Font Genius RAY LARABIE is the nicest man in the world for DONATING his time and expertise to Radio Newark. Ray personally suggested several fonts to us and made it easy for the new website to LOOK SO GOOD.

YOU, listening friend, ARE AWESOME. Like I said — Thank you SO MUCH. Keep on listening and tell a friend!

Stephen Worden, Station Manager

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