Tornado, Lightning Strike, Server Crash.

Take your pick.

We’ve had them all, thanks to Hurricane Isaias that passed through Delaware a couple of weeks ago.

Lightning took out the transmitter, and a subsequent storm took out the streaming server.

It took me a week to get the server back online … and the transmitter is still down as we wait for additional lightning protection to arrive.

We’re installing a “cavity filter.” This is a mechanically resonant tube that acts as a spark gap. In fact, we’re getting TWO of them, because we don’t want to buy more transmitters.(!)

And we’re** working on a new equipment cabinet to hold the new transmitter and new cavity filter(s).

** Not actually “we.” More like “Ken Chisholm.” Ken is refurbishing / sanding / priming / repainting / mobilizing a genuine BUD COMPANY cabinet to hold all that new gear.

The work is beautiful. THANK YOU, Ken!

And thank you, too, for your patience. We’ll have WIZU (“wise you”) back on 99.9 FM very soon.

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