Such beautiful people.  So kind to help out.

Underwriters are community-oriented businesses and organizations whose missions align with our own.  For example, Bear-Glasgow Dental is committed to serving EVERY PATIENT that comes to them, regardless.  They provide care and expertise to patients with a deep fear of dentistry, physical handicaps, or emotional problems.  They’ve gotten trained and certified so that even if a patient requires full sedation, they can help.

No, our mission is not full-sedation dentistry.  Bear-Glasgow Dental’s mission aligns with ours because we think about people the same way, want to help the same way, and provide our services to all.

Here’s how to tell if your operation aligns with Radio Newark.

  1. Do you service the greater Newark region?
  2. Do you provide services to the general public?
  3. Is Excellence one of your core values?

The ‘general public’ question is there to protect you.  Radio works best when a large audience is targeted.  A business-to-business company may not reach a large enough population.  The rest of you, though — read on.

As a homegrown community radio station, our expenses are unbelievably low.  Volunteers of every flavor have already done the heavy lifting.  We are here NOW to serve you and your customers with unique local programming, local music and event coverage, a view of national and international news you will not find anywhere else, and science programming that sharpens every mind we touch.

Demographic profiles, coverage maps, and person-to-person testimonials are waiting for you.  Give us a call or drop a line below.

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