Windows Media Guide LOVES Radio Newark!

Now REDMOND is getting into the act.  Not only was Radio Newark added to the News+Talk section of Windows Media Guide (yup, published by Microsoft), we are this week’s Editor’s Pick!

Right there with the BBC, NPR, and a 10 kilowatt flamethrower in Monterey, California is SCRAPPY LITTLE RADIO NEWARK.  Big as life!

I gotta sit down.  Wait a sec…  Head is spinning…

Folks, I know this all just a joke.  I’ll wake up tomorrow and find that the Media Conglomerates have eaten the last of us for breakfast but right now the dream feels pretty good.  Oh wait a minute — I just looked again.  We’re still an OMG-For Real, for real, Editor’s Pick on Windows Media Guide!

Proof?  OK — Here ya go!

Let me run some numbers.  Just take the Monterey station.  Leave aside the British Broadcasting Corporation and National Public Radio for a moment.  Just to turn on the 10kW station costs, what, $10,000 per year, plus salaries.  Plus network fees.  Plus taxes and insurance, plus BMI / ASCAP / SESAC / SoundExchange fees, plus God-Knows-What-Else…  Let say it’s a $1 million operation.

NPR’s budget is $180,000,000.  The Beeb needs $676,000,000,000 to stay afloat.

So, on a “per Editor’s Pick” basis, Radio Newark is 1×10 to the 93rd MORE EFFICIENT than any of ’em!  (Nope –we’re not infinitely more efficient because our budget is not exactly zero, although you can see it from here.)  And our logo looks better than theirs!

You — there in Redmond.  THANK YOU.  I mean that, wholeheartedly.  You have Stuck Up for the Little Guy in a mad, crazy way.  I love you for that.  Thanks again.

And you, too — thank you for listening.  Thank you for telling your Dad and your friends and your classmates.  You’ve made this thing visible, given it life, pushed it along a little further.  I am grateful.


2 comments on “Windows Media Guide LOVES Radio Newark!”

    1. You’re welcome, Valje.

      Here’s a bit more biography on Valje, who found us through our music. If you like the meditation music we have here on Radio Newark, you might like some of Valje’s stuff, too. Here’s his Mixlr bio.



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